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Coach Directory

Coaches who are paid members of the organisation have the opportunity to be registered in the PCAV Coach Directory.  

ONLY Coaches who have ticked "yes" to having their details included in the PCAV Coach Directory will appear on this list.

If you are on this list but do not want to be please send an email to ncas@ponyclubvic.org.au and let Kate know.  Thank you!


PCAV Coach Directory (Excel)  (The PCAV Coach Directory in Excel format which is filterable.)

This list has been loaded in alphabetical order of the coach's SURNAME.

Should you wish to sort by some other way you need to click the arrow in the field that you wish to search and change the criteria.

(eg to search by coaches first name, click the arrow in the box titles FIRST NAME; type the name you're looking for in the search bar; click OK and a list of all people with that name will be brought up for you).


PLEASE NOTE : This Directory has been updated as at 22/9/17 from the renewed Coach Memberships for 2017/2018 via TRyBooking.  If your name has dropped off this list, it will be because you have NOT renewed your Coach Membership for the new financial year.

To renew your Coach Membership NOW click here



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