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Dressage Tests

Event Organisers must stipulate clearly on their programs which tests will be used.
Make sure you read the Expected Standards which include a test selection guide. It explains what is expected in each grade, which are the easiest and hardest tests in each grade, which tests suit horse trials plus the required arena size. 
2013 Dressage Tests 
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
1 HT1  2 HT1  3-A  4-A  5-A
1 HT2  2 HT2  3-B  4-B  5-B
1 HT3  2-A  3-C  4-C  5-C
 1-A  2-B  3-D  4-D  5-D
 1-B  2-C  3-E  4-E  
 1-C  2-D      
 1-D  2-E      
 1-E  2-F      

Dressage Test Book (all tests in one) here

Tests that are amended will be listed here with the date that changes were made. 
The date of amendment will be included on the right hand corner of the test so that is is clear which is the most up to date test.
Please ensure that the figure - Penalty Points deducted from Final Mark" is the same as Total Good Marks for each test
All Grade 1 & 2 tests had a coefficient of 2 added to the collective marks and the Total Good Marks adjusted accordingly
Grade 1 Test G - the wording of the directives were corrected, movements did not alter
Grade 5 Test D - Movt 1 changed - G Rising Trot
Grade 3 Test A - Movt 8 changed - FAB should read FAE
Grade 1 Test F - Movt 20 changed- Transition at F and M should read F & R
Grade 1 Test G - Movt 9 - wording for directives corrected, movements did not alter
Grade 2 HT 1 - Movt 1 - wording for directives corrected, movements did not alter
Grade 2 Test D - Movt 12 - wording for directives corrected, movements did not alter
Grade 1 Test E - Movt 13 changed - Collected trot at P should read F (to reflect mirror image in movt 17)
                           Movt 10 changed - A Collected canter left lead, A circle left 10m, AF Collected canter
                          Movt 14 changed - A Collected canter right lead, A cricle right 10m, AK Collected canter 
Test 4B Movt 2 - BF Specify 'rising' after trot
              Movt 9 - K - Specify 'rising' after trot
Test 4 D Movt 6 - C - Specify 'rising' after trot
Added in Test 6a