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The new Act includes ‘transitional arrangements’ to help associations adjust to the new laws. These are outlined below:

  • Status of the incorporated association
    The incorporation date is not affected and the certificate of incorporation remains valid.

  • Statement of purposes
    Is now incorporated into your Rules of Incorporation.

  • Rules
    There are new items that your association's rules must address.

  • Public officer replaced with secretary
    The title Public Officer has been changed to Secretary, the function of the role remain the same.

  • Financial statements
    The old 'prescribed' or 'not-prescribed' reporting structure has been replaced with a three-tiered reporting structure.

  • Ongoing processes
    Transistional processes unlikely to affect many, around becoming incorporated and any issues happening that would be affected by law and under which law they are dealt with.

The above information has been taken from the Consumer Affairs website www.consumer.vic.gov.au click on the links for more information.

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