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Avoid Disqualification

Organising Committees

When notifying riders of their riding times in a competition, please also help competitors avoid disqualification by including a reminder notice with the information below marked - Attention Riders.
This is to assist you in minimising any confusion and unpleasant disputes at the competition. The better you inform riders, the less disputes there will be.

Copy and paste the words below, add it to your rider time information.

(To copy and paste - press the left button of mouse and dragging over the words. Then release the button and right click whilst the cursor is over the shaded area and select 'copy'. Then open your Word Documents program and paste.)

Attention Riders

Any pony club member who does not present an accurate PCAV club member card or lodge a fully completed verification form that proves the PCAV eligibility requirements will be disqualified.

PCAV Club Member Cards - It is your responsibility to ensure that your PCAV club member card is accurate and presented to the organising committee on the day. Note that D.C’s may not alter or correct grading at the competition. If you are not sure on how a PCAV club member card must be completed, please read the Club Member Cards Guidelines in the ‘publications, rules and regulations’ section of the PCAV web site www.ponyclubvic.org.au


Verification forms – if you have a lost or damaged card, you may present a fully completed verification form to the competition in accordance with the PCAV Handbook of By-laws. The organising committee will not supply verification forms. Verification forms may not be used as an attempt to over-ride membership card inaccuracies.


Helmets – all riders must have correct standards numbers'. In accordance with PCAV Gear Rules, spot checks may be conducted at the competition. An incorrect helmet will result in disqualification from the entire competition.


Medical Armbands - all riders, including non-PCAV members are required to wear medical armbands whilst mounted. Please ensure your name and and an emergency contact and phone number are correctly completed on the card; but please note that the colour of the card is irrelevant - it is the information on it that must be legible and up to date.


Cross-Country and Your Hair - when riding cross-country you are required to have your hair tied up so that it does not obscure any part of the back number. If a fence judge cannot read your back number, you may be eliminated.


Other rules - apply as per the PCAV Handbook of By-laws and PCAV specific competition rules. Please make sure you read your rules before querying any decisions. Rules can be found in the ‘publications, rules and regulations’ section of the PCAV web site www.ponyclubvic.org.au or from the PCAV state office.

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