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Pony Club Victoria Membership Renewal (Strength Renewal)

Early Membership Renewal assists the Pony Club Victoria (PCV) State Office to process cards for new and renewing riding members and have these cards sent to Clubs before the new membership year begins.  Membership renewals can commence as soon as your Club has their 2016/2017 Membership Year set up in My PonyClub.

Membership Cards 2016/2017

The PCV State Office will print all Membership Cards queued in the card print on the 13 JUNE, these cards will be sent on the 14 JUNE 2016 with an invoice.  Pony Club Victoria Membership & Fees 2016/2017

Over Due Accounts with PCV

Membership Cards will not be sent to Clubs until all over due accounts are paid to Pony Club Victoria, State Office.

My PonyClub – New Database System for Pony Club Victoria

Pony Club Victoria has a new membership database; the database enables membership renewal and event entries to occur online including payments, if your Club wants to use this function!  Clubs were informed about the new system back in February 2016 and have gradually been requesting access to the database over the first few months of this year.  If your Club has missed this information don’t worry, just call the PCV State Office on 03 8685 8925 and we will get you up and moving.

Password Access

Access to the new system is gained by your Club completing a TRUSTED OFFICIALS FORM.  Clubs are asked to ensure they undertake this process and do this any time they wish to give another person access to the system.


This database system can not be used to update member’s details and memberships.


MyClub websites are still operational for Clubs.  If you cannot access your Club website please call the PCV State Office on 03 8685 8925.  New Club websites will be available for Clubs during 2016; the old websites will remain operational until Clubs have moved to the new platform. 

How to Renew or Add Members for 2016/2017

  • Your Club needs to set up the 2016/2017 Membership Year within your Club database to renew members.  
  • My PonyClub allows Clubs to set up their own Club membership types and fees.  Your Club can accept all sorts of payments, cheque, cash, EFT and credit.  Your Club can control what payment methods you are happy to accept.
  • My PonyClub is best managed at member level.  It is easiest to add your Club Memberships fees and categories into the system and have these memberships available online.  It does not matter what payment options your Club use, it is still easiest to get your members and future members to apply online.
  • All membership applications for your Club will be sent to PENDING MEMBERS so your Club still controls who is approved for membership at your Club.

How to Set Up Your Membership Year

  1. Login to MyPonyClub  |  Click on CLUB
  2. Go to Membership Settings
  3. Go to Manage Memberships
  4. Click on the ADD YEAR button
    1. Create 2016/2017 year (ring if you need help)
    2. Click on ADD when finished
  5. Go to Copy Membership (ring if you need help), follow the process through.
  6. Set your Club Fees in Manage Fee Categories.
    1. To change any information click on Update.
    2. You can delete anything in this list that is not a one of your Club Memberships.
  7. This is a speedy overview!  If you have any problems with this process please contact the State Office or SMA help desk.  Don’t forget to check out the HELP menu for documents to assist you.  “Club Set Up User Guide” is a good one to look at.

How to Get Your Memberships Online

  1. Login to MyPonyClub  |  Click on CLUB
  2. Go to Membership Settings
  3. Go to Manage Memberships
    1. Go to Membership Year and click on the down arrow and select 2016/2017 year
    2. View your listed Memberships and click on the UPDATE button found at the end of the membership listing.
  1. Edit Membership Details
    1. DESCRIPTION:  Adding a description of your membership.  Eg: Associate Riding Member – members aged between 17-25yrs.
    2. MEMBERSHIP PERIOD:  When the membership is valid
    3. REGISTRATION PERIOD:  Allows your Club to collect memberships before the Membership Year begins.  The State has set the “from” date as the 1/4/2016.
    4. FEES:  The various fees that make up the membership are represented.
    5. CURRENT TOTAL FEE:  The amount that will appear on your online registration screen.
    6. AVAILABLE ONLINE: Tick this will make the membership appear on your online registration screen
    7. ACTIVE: Tick this means members can take up this membership
    8. Click on UPDATE
  1. See your Online Registration Screen
    1. Click on update button on the membership you just set up
    2. Click on View my online registration screen

Suggested Membership Types

  • Club Supporter  (State Membership Category – Adult Supporter)
    • Description:  An individual wishing to support the Club who is not a riding member.
  • Riding Member – Junior (State Membership Category – Riding Member - Junior)
    • Description:  Riders aged 16yrs as at the 1 JUL each year
  • Riding Member – Associate (State Membership Category – Riding Member - Associate)
    • Description:  Riders aged 17-25yrs as at the 1 JUL each year
  • Come & Try (State Membership Category – Riding Member – Come & Try)
    • Description:  Riders who would like to experience Pony Club before committing to a membership.
  • Life Member (State Membership Category – Adult Supporter)
    • Description:  A Life Member of the club.

Getting Members Started

Simply send an email to your members inviting them to set up their Member Profile.  Members must have an email associated with their membership; this is because an email to set up a password will be sent to them.  The Club can go in and update emails if you wish to streamline this process.  Some suggested wording.


Dear Merge:FirstName

Welcome to MyPonyClub a new online portal for Pony Club members. 

Members can now gain access to their member profile.  Within this space you can:

  • Renew your membership
  • Register your horses
  • Update your personal details
  • View events you are able to attend
  • Enter events online

To gain access to your Member Profile please follow this link https://osm-pony.omnisportsmanagement.com/Memberships/(S(rat3axrz130j5aievxitgd4w))/OSMMbr_Resplogin.aspx

Click on LOGIN and then complete the fields. 

You will need to have an email address assigned to your membership, if you are not sure what your email address in the system might be, please contact either your Club, State or SMA help desk.

Kind regards

Your Membership Secretary

Rider Efficiency Certificates

Rider Efficiency Certificates (E, D & D*) can be updated by Club Administrators.

How to ADD/UPDATE Rider Efficiency Certificates

  1. Log in to Club Administration
  2. Go to Members
  3. Go to View Members
  4. Select the Membership Year and filter by Membership Category if you wish or search using the member ID
  5. Click Display Members
  6. Select Update at the end of the record
  7. Scroll down until you find Certificates
  8. Click Add New Record
  9. Select the Certificate and record the date attained

If all else fails send your certificate updates to Vicki at membership@ponyclubvic.org.au

Higher certificates must be added by Zone or State.

Membership Transfers

All riders who are in the system must transfer membership when moving from one Club to another.  The process starts at the member level. 

The Members selects Transfer from their profile, the Club is then notified of the transfer request, once the Club approves the transfer the request is then sent to the Club who will receive the member into their Club.  The Club receiving the transfer approves it and then the State is notified.  This is the same process; it just eliminates the paper form.

If you have a member who wishes to transfer please ask them to ring the State Office 03 8685 8925 and we will guide both the rider and Clubs through the process.

Coach Membership

All coaches must take up membership with PCV. For the start of this membership year Coaches will need to renew through the TryBooking system.  Coaches will also use the My PonyClub system which will come online for them during the 2016/2017 Membership year.

Manual Membership Renewal Process

Please call the PCAV State Office to be guided through the manual process.  P: 03 8685 8925

Pony Club Victoria State Office

Office hours 9am to 5pm | Address: 73-75 Mackie Rd, Mulgrave. Vic. 3170 |Phone: 03 8685 8925 Fax: 03 9561 6727

Email: membership@ponyclubvic.org.au  | www.ponyclubvic.org.au