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Incident Reporting

Incidents and Injuries that occur at Rallies and Events should be documented. The principle is to be able to track occurrences that might in the future lead to a claim.

There are self carbon pads* available from the PCAV Shop; or use this Injury Incident Report Form. It should be sent (post or email) to Head Office as soon as possible. A copy should be kept in the club.

As of July 2014 PCAV is insured by Gow Gates, they have made available an online form. We do not require both versions.

*Useful to have in the club rooms, or as part of a kit for instructors to have on the field. It is usually best to fill out the form when the event is fresh in people's minds. Please make sure they are posted to 73-75 Mackie Rd, Mulgrave 3170 - there is an old address on the form.



For more information about the Fall of Riders at competitions and activities, and special considerations for Games, Flat and Musical Ride Teams; see the Handbook of Bylaws.

NB: these rules do not apply to activities such as rallies and clinics that take place under instruction and supervision. In these cases the final decision and ultimate responsibility lies with the rider if 18 or over and the parent or guardian if the rider is under 18. However, it is advisable that if a fall results in unconsciousness or concussion that the rider takes no further part in the activity on that day.

Unconsiousness from a fall - automatically disqualifies the rider from taking any further part in the competition. Concussion automatically disqualifies the rider from taking any further part in the competition for the day.

Injuries of a minor nature (not requiring medical assistance and not a head injury) must submit to the Event Secretary a Fall Release form before proceeding. Injury necessitating treatment in an offsite medical facility must have a parent or guardian sign a release form in order to continue competing.

Rider Fall Release pdf

Rider Fall Release

Rider Fall Report Form for Cross Country Events