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State Showjumping & Dressage Event History

State Dressage and Showjumping Championships - History and Background Information

The Pony Club Graded Showjumping State Championships were conducted for the first time in 1978. These events are for PA, PB and PC combinations of horse and rider.

Grading for Showjumping was first introduced in Pony Club in January 1966 at a Pony Club Gymkhana at Cobram, northern Victoria. It was the 'brain child' of Mr. George Hare, a showjumping rider of note in his earlier years a parent in Deniliquin Pony Club, and a long time supporter and one time official at the Club. Grading was introduced to encourage riders and horses to keep jumping. The Grading System for showjumping was adopted state wide by PCAV Council in August 1969, and later was adopted for the disciplines of dressage, eventing and combined training. The appropriate grading is achieved by assessing the ability of the horse and rider as a combination, irrespective of the age of the rider or the size of the horse, to perform safely and competently at a specific standard in their chosen discipline.

The Pony Club Dressage Championships were first introduced in 1979 these events are for Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 combinations of horse and rider. Each Zone conducts Qualifying Competitions annually to select competitors for these State Championships. The Dressage and Showjumping State Championships are conducted conjointly, usually in February annually.

They are organized by each Zone in a set rotation. The rotation is defined in the ByLaws (36.2a; 2013 Edition)

North Eastern Zone

Northern Metropolitan Zone

Midland Zone

West Gippsland Zone

Wannon Zone

Southern Metropolitan Zone

Northern Zone

Central Zone

East Gippsland Zone

Barwon Zone