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Coaching Outcomes

1. Planning and Reviewing

  1. Plan a series of lessons for C/C* level riders
  2. Review effectiveness of plans

2. Group Management

  1. Demonstrate effective group organisation
  2. Manage group behaviour
  3. Develop supportive relationships with riders

3. Horse Care

  1. Teach riders the C &C* Horse Care skills as outlined in the PCA Syllabus of Instruction
  2. Provide advice to riders and their parents with regard to horse selection and care in accordance with the PCA Syllabus of Instruction

4. Riding Flatwork

  1. Teach riders the C & C* riding skills as outlined in the PCA Syllabus of Instruction
  2. Teach rider exercises, agility, school figures and the use of the arena to the C” standard.

5. Riding Jumping

  1. Teach the forward position, strides distances and gymnastic jumping to C” standard
  2. Teach show jumping and cross country to C* standard

6. Lungeing

  1. Describe the correct equipment for safe lungeing of a horse and explain the reasons for its use
  2. Teach riders how to correctly fit lungeing equipment
  3. Teach riders the basic techniques of lungeing a quiet horse

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