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SunSmart Policy


The health of participants in Pony Club activities is of primary concern to the PCAV. It is acknowledged that skin cancer is a major public health problem in Australia, with two out of every three people requiring treatment for some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. It is recognised that skin cancer is preventable and like any other medical condition, it is best dealt with by the application of preventative measures.

While the PCAV will endeavour to assist in sun protection when at meetings, rallies, training and competitions, it is recognised that ultimately, the responsibility is that of each individual.


Section A - All Levels of PCAV

  • In days of extreme temperatures, PCAV and affiliated zones and clubs should, endeavour to schedule activities outside the peak sun damage hours of 11.00am and 3.00pm, during daylight saving time.
  • PCAV encourages and promotes the use of high SPF Broad Spectrum sunscreen by members.
  • Clubs must strive to conform to guidelines for sun safe clothing when choosing uniforms. Clubs will consider the harmful effects of open weave clothing when choosing uniforms.
  • Riding members are encouraged to wear brims on helmets for extra protection of face, ears, neck and shoulders, while participating in PCAV activities.
  • Members are encouraged to wear long sleeved shirts and collars.
  • Maximum use should be made of existing natural shade. Where natural shade is not adequate, PCAV Zones and Clubs should endeavour to use portable shade structures for activities.
  • PCAV encourages trainers, coaches, officials and members in prominent positions to act as strong role models, making use of all sun protection available.
  • Officials and carers will endeavour to constantly revise and upgrade sun protection measures.

Section B - Parents and Guardians

Parents and Guardians of members participating in PCAV, zone and club activities, should be shown the PCAV Sun Safety Policy and encouraged to comply with the policy.

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to:

  • Provide high SPF Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for their child.
  • Promote sun protection behaviour to their child.
  • Provide correct 100% UV filtered sunglasses for their child if providing glasses.
  • Purchase sun safe protective uniform and extra sun safe protection for head.

Non Compliance

Non-compliance with this policy will result in disciplinary action by the Club/Zone or PCAV Executive on behalf of the Council. Note: Non-compliance could place PCAV in jeopardy for Government funding.

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