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MyPonyClub Administrator Access (Trusted Club Official Form)

All Pony Clubs in Victoria have their own Club Database via MyPonyClub.  Using MyPonyClub your Club can:

  • Collect rider fees including Club, Zone, State and National fees
  • Email your members with a minimum of fuss
  • Keep your club committee and contacts up to date and accessible in one space (permanently backed up)
  • Add efficiency certificates to riders
  • Keep a calendar of events and take event entries online
  • Access many reports (or ask the State Body to get some more created to report what you would like to see!)

It is your one stop shop for managing Pony Club!

How do you get access to all these great tools, your Club needs to assign individuals at your Club access to MyPonyClub.  Each person who has access to the system should be entered with their own unique User ID.  We ask that User ID's and passwords are not shared.

To request access to MyPonyClub complete the MyPonyClub Access (Trusted Club Official) Form

MyPonyClub Administrator